Pilot Training

Pilot Training with Golden Plains Aviation

Golden Plains Aviation specialises in training potential pilots of any age (minimum 15 years to go solo) in developing the skill of flying. Whether for fun and enjoyment or ultimately in becoming a professional pilot. By completing your Pilot Certificate you become a fully fledged recreation pilot, allowing you to fly a two seater aircraft (including one passenger) anywhere within 25nm of an airport. This Certificate is issued by RA-Aus and recognised throughout Australia and many countries overseas and operates under the umbrella of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

At Golden Plains Aviation you currently have access to three RA aircraft. To commence your training we use our two Tecnam (high wing) aircraft, and for cross-country (navigation) training, a Pioneer 300 Kite (low wing) is also available. All three aircraft will assist you in gaining your Pilot Certificate and enhancing your piloting skills. We also hold theory classes to help with passing your exams toward completing your flight training requirements.

Once you have completed your navigation training, you can fly almost anywhere within Australia, except within primary controlled airspace, (mostly locations such as capital city airports). You now have the freedom to travel by air to wherever you wish.

Should your next step be to consider becoming a Private Pilot (PPL), or even a Commercial (professional) Pilot (CPL) in General Aviation, RA is the way to begin your journey in the most cost-effective way. For around $6,000-$7,000, most pilots can gain their Pilot’s Certificate.

You can gain your RPL (Recreational Pilots Licence), PPL or CPL on the back of your Recreational Aviation Pilot’s Certificate. The transition is very straightforward, and is built on everything you have learnt with us in RA. We can assist you with an introduction to a GA flight school.

RA-Aus Pilot Certificate

All the hours you complete with us in RA, count towards a Recreational (RPL), Private (PPL) or Commercial (CPL) Pilot’s Licence

But at…

HALF the Cost – TWICE the Fun!

And with an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate you are a fully qualified pilot. With additional ratings you are free to fly your own aircraft across the country without needing a CASA licence.


In order to gain your Pilot’s Certificate, you will need to complete a number of exams set by RA-Aus. They include:

  • Air Law
  • Radio
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK)
  • Human Factors in Aviation
  • Navigation and Meteorology

All can be completed at Lethbridge airport under the supervision of our professional staff at GPA. If you decide to progress onto a RPL you do not need to complete any additional exams. All RA Exams and Flying Experience count directly toward the RPL.

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